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Finding Truth in an Error Message

I got a message on my computer that said “This webpage is using significant energy. Closing it may improve the responsiveness of your Mac.” I had a particular webpage open that I was not even using, or rather, I kept the page open in case I would need to access it again at some point. After hours of not addressing the recurring alert, my whole computer shut off. Gratefully, there was no damage or information lost, but I was able to see God in that experience. Sometimes we have things going in our lives that are draining us and we are not even realizing it. Sometimes in the background, sometimes in the foreground, but draining nonetheless. What’s more, we may not be recognizing the drain. “Closing it may improve the responsiveness.” Sometimes taking inventory of things and their effects on you is key. What or who is making you tired? Who, when you see the phone rings, makes you cringe? What recurring meeting or obligations simply wear you out? Some things might not require a full chop; some things may just need an adjustment. Maybe fewer meetings or fewer calls. But some things you may have to close to “improve responsiveness.”

Significant energy is significant energy no matter what, and our goal should be to use our energy wisely. Check in to assess significance. Are the things to which you’re expending your energy that significant? Is the level of input generating your needed level of output? Take a look, you may need to close a few things or unplug before an unexpected shutdown happens.

What can you do to “improve your responsiveness?”

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