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Make Your Way and Take Your Time

This evening I ended up staying a bit late at work. Starting in this new role, I am purposing myself to leave behind old practices, like working too late or bringing work home, so I make it a point to start my day on time and end my day on time. But today, since I’ll be out Friday, I felt fine staying just a half hour to keep a few things in a good place.

As I left for the evening and began to make my way home, I took the route I had always taken. But to my surprise, while I left a half hour later, I made it home a half hour earlier! And then I heard God. What originally appeared to be a delay actually expedited my journey. Sometimes such is life. By our own sights, there may be certain goals or benchmarks we feel we should have achieved by now. Maybe there are certain things that took more of our attention than we planned or situations did not allow us to go the way, the route, the timeline we planned. But God wants us to know that sometimes certain things have to be “slowed down” to get us where we need, how we need, and with what we need.

And when we can trust the process, we’re right on time. Or even further along than what we might have thought.

Be encouraged. Take your time. Trust the process.

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