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No Process, No Product

A good friend of mine wanted to cook dinner for a few of us Sunday. Not an uncommon experience, only this time he wanted to create the entire meal alone. He crafted the menu and had begun to prep the kitchen, arrange the ingredients, and assemble supplies. A much-welcomed experience, I sat idly by keeping him company, while he gathered pots and pans, chopped vegetables, and rummaged through cabinets for spices. Amidst the activities of preparation, he, what I imagined, instinctively apologized at each clang, bang, and bump.

“Oh, no need to apologize,” I said, “We can’t have the product without the process.” And in that moment, I heard God. So many of the processes of our lives can be noisy, chaotic, even. Whether professionally, personally, spiritually, or otherwise, sometimes steps might seem inconvenient or just an outright mess. But this is our process. And our commitment to process is where we see outcomes. What elements of our lives are in process right now? You can’t have a cake without breaking a few eggs, maybe spilling a bit of flour, dirtying a few dishes. Without the phases, there is no result. No inputs, no outcomes. So, when it comes what you’re planning to see next, respect the process. Stick with it and you’ll more likely come out with something you like. Bon Appetit!


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