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Eye Exam

I have a confession to make. I sometimes fall asleep wearing my contact lenses. I know it’s not good. But I do it often. Sometimes I wake up the next morning and my eyes are red, dry, and irritated. And, of course, I take them out immediately. The package reads very clearly, “Wearing contact lenses to sleep could lead to blindness.” Can wearing contacts to sleep make me blind? Maybe. Do I need to go blind before I believe it? Absolutely not.

Yet, every time I wake up with dry and irritated eyes, I vow to do better. And somehow I find myself back in this situation.

Then I heard God. We often know things are not good for us and we do them anyway. Why? And why does a thing need to become urgent when we know it’s not good for us before we give it the proper attention? Where in our lives do we know better and are not doing better?

Sitting here with eyes recovered from stinging and redness, I commit to doing better. For real this time...

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