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The Beauty Behind the Body Butter

Haneef R. Jordan has launched her line Smile, Style, & Spirit, a luxury brand of quality all-natural health and beauty products.

Made with love and intention of quality ingredients like shea butter and olive oil, her latest product is her body butter line. Crafted from all-natural ingredients, the lush honey and lavender body butter is amazing for hydration and luxurious sheen. The body butters are also perfect for skin needs, such as eczema and psoriasis.

The wife and mother of two lives by the motto, “We smile in style as we walk in spirit.” Not only that, the entrepreneur and momager recognizes the strength in feeling good about oneself. “It takes time to get in the habit of practicing self-care and self-love. We believe that when you smile, your spirit shows. When you dress in any style that makes you happy, you shine. And when you feel good, it shows. And that’s how Smile, Style, & Spirit body butters was born. And not only do they smell good, but they’re good for you.”

The signature scent of honey and lavender is made with essential oils, palm-free, and is completely handmade. Fans can get all-natural hair bars too.

And the products are for the whole family. “All the men in my home enjoy them so much I can't keep any for myself. I hope you enjoy them too,” she laughs.

And I'm certain you will!

Connect with Haneef and get your body butter for yourself and the ones you love today at!

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