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What's In You Will Come Out of You

I ended my night a bit earlier than usual, because I wanted to get to bed earlier. I have a call to take at 6:30 am. As I started to ready myself for sleep, I thought, “Maybe I’ll just sleep through it and get the notes.” Then I heard God. God often takes expression as the Divine Feminine (just think about our favorite singer, seer, or sage. More to come on that…)

In that moment, the voice of God was my paternal grandmother, Gramma, “How you wanna do global work but can’t even wake up early to take one phone call? How do you get to global and you're not taking your local calls with integrity? You think you just gon' up and be global and know what to do? Now, you better do right!”

(She wore me out like she always would!)

All I could do was chuckle and say “yes, ma’am” and go to sleep.

But with that, I continued to reflect. Gramma calls it “do right”, but I call it "be a vessel and manifestation of the virtue within you." I could imagine Gramma adding, “'Cause if right is in, right oughta be coming out of you.”

And I want to extend that to you. You are greatness. We profess and we affirm. But we must also assess and address. As you declare to be a vessel of greatness, we must aim to be expressions of greatness. Manifestations of greatness. Operating greatly.

As you assess the virtues and outcomes you decree for yourself, ask is what’s in me coming out of me? And is what’s coming out of me what I want in me? Either way, we have the opportunity to realign.

“If you’re aiming for excellence, be excellent where you are now.” #geraldism

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