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Pride 2022

1. Led the return of LA Pride to Hollywood after over 40 years, with the most diverse, record-breaking 130,000 paradegoers in attendance

2. Chaired the Parade Committee, naming Paula Abdul as our Icon Grand Marshal and Lady Java as our Community Grand Marshal

3. Served as community co-chair for the Hollywood Pride Mural, capturing Los Angeles legends including Jewel Thais-Williams, Sir Lady Java, Alan Bell, and Karina Samala

4. Formed official partnership with Banjee Ball and SlayTV for year round programming

5. Launched Pride 365 with new partnerships, locations, and activities all year long

6. Spearheaded the move of Hollywood Pride Village (formerly LA Pride Community Day) for a free, diverse community experiences to nearly 30,000 community members

7. Accepted the 2022 LGBT Trailblazers Award from City Council and Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell

8. Accepted 2022 proclamation from Mayor Eric Garcetti

9. Led a host of press and media, represented and/or quoted in dozens of local, national, and international outlets

10. Created, launched, and hosted The Salon Series in partnership with TikTok, hosting the inaugural event centering Black Queer Creatives

Thank you to all partners, friends, collaborators, and supporters for trusting me. And the best is still yet to come! #geraldism

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