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“You Snooze, You Lose.”

Talking with my friend, she began to share some thoughts on her readiness for the next chapter.  She grumbled a bit about her heightened irritability at work.  “These people are so annoying, and they are getting increasingly more annoying.”  But then I had a thought.  In response, I compared these, what I call, cosmic reminders are like the snooze button on our alarm clocks.  When the alarm rings, we hear it and press snooze, but very shortly after the alarm rings again.  Often the alarm is louder.  And the ring will come sooner and sooner.  And there is a certain accountability that comes with multiple snoozes.  If you snooze once, we get it; it’s forgivable.  If you snooze 9 times, that’s a problem.  What situations, people, or processes have you been snoozing?  Pay attention and get up.

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