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Cheers to you!

During holiday times, many of us put extra stress on ourselves to maintain the perfect weight, host the perfect dinner, buy the perfect gifts—and what is the common thread? Unrealistic. From Halloween to New Years, Americans are bombarded with images of perfect couples with perfect engagement rings, perfect kids with perfect manners, perfect cars wrapped in perfect red ribbons—meanwhile, I’m drinking $2.00 wine alone from a tumbler in mismatched socks. Not so perfect, right? Well, depends on who you ask… I actually embrace it.

And that’s the thing-- we should embrace our own life! We are not perfect. We cannot let images and movies and ads get us in a huff over our real lives. Even if it is people you know, toast them and move on. Your classmate is engaged now? Great, raise your glass to her and move on. Your coworker is traveling Europe until January? Awesome. Cheers and move on. And while you're celebrating everyone else, celebrate yourself! Why wallow in fiction or other people’s reality? You want memories? Get out there and create some. We cannot allow ourselves to slip into that dangerous place of longing and wishing, if it is not motivation for us to do something about it.

This holiday, love you, be grateful for where you are, and be inspired for where you’re going! Cheers to you!


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