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10 Things Money Can’t Buy: Morals

Everybody so caught up with trying to be something, but can we strive to just be better?

We all have a different moral compass, and we’re all allowed follow it or not.But no amount of money can instill something that it not already there.We have all seen and heard examples of people coming into money and still holding on to those same scheming and no good ways. Money ain't a magic wand.

We try to hold our figures of entertainment to such high regard. Why? How? Just because you’re recognizable, you’re to be looked up to? And of course, everyone is up in arms because a rapper or athlete or television personality does something that is morally questionable. Why are we so upset? These people are the same person they were a hit album, a contract, or a reality show ago.

We really shouldn’t expect so much morally from people with money. Money might have your name in lights, but without something to keep you grounded, that’s not always a good thing.

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