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Stats: 6’4” 215 lbs.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Willing to travel


Laugh Now, Laugh Later                          MaddGame Productions                               Multiple Recurring Roles Asylum                                                  After Dark Films                                          FBI Agent


Radio Golf                                              Upstage Theatre (Baton Rouge, La.)                                  Harmond Wilks

Fat Pig                                                   New Venture Theater (Baton Rouge, La.)                            Tom

Twelve Angry Men                                   Upstage Theatre                                                              Juror #4

Shades of Gray                                       Upstage Theatre                                                              Assistant Director

Ravaged                                                 Upstage Theatre                                                              Costumer

Zooman and the Sign                               Upstage Theatre                                                              Director

Tambourines to Glory                               Upstage Theatre                                                              Buddy Lomax

Battle Rattle                                            Battle Rattle Productions (Baton Rouge, La.)                     Assistant Director

A Christmas Carol                                   FGUPC Productions (Baton Rouge, La.)                            Scrooge

He Said and She Said                              Southern University                                                         Felix Haldeman

A Love Like This                                      Elohim Productions                                                         Satin

The Color Purple                                      New Venture Theater                                                       Pa/ Ensemble

Soulful Sounds of Christmas                     New Venture Theater                                                       Paxon/ Ensemble

A Raisin in the Sun                                  New Venture Theater                                                        Asagai

Masquerade                                            Battle Rattle Productions                                                  Lance (lead)

Aladdin                                                   Santa Monica Little Theatre                                              Evil Magician

A Leap for Freedom                                 In and Out Theatre  (Los Angeles, Ca.)                              Glenn

The Black Doctor                                     In and Out Theatre                                                           Narrator

Reverse Psychology                                West Angeles Drama (Los Angeles, Ca.)                            Mr. Jones (lead)

scenes from A Raisin in the Sun               CSUN (Los Angeles, Ca.)                                                 Walter       

Love In A Day                                         Tenacious Productions (Los Angeles, Ca.)                         Charles

Office Girls                                             Dee Wright Productions (Los Angeles, Ca.)                        Curtis

Dreamgirls                                              American Conservatory Theater (Los Angeles, Ca.)            Curtis Taylor, Jr.

2010 - present

2010 - present

Training & Skills

TRAINING: Accepted into the Tom Todoroff Conservatory; Katz Acting Joint; Exclusive Actor Boot Camp; “Hey, I Saw Your Commercial” Commercial Workshop Levels 1 & 2; Monkey Butler Improvisation Class; New Venture Theatre School of Performing Arts Playwrighting


SKILLS: Dialect: Southern (American), Nigerian (African), French, British, Musical: Violin/ viola (10yrs), flute (4yrs), oboe (2yrs); Vocal Range: baritone/ bass; Movement: contemporary, jazz, street, yoga, runway, Viewpoints; Licensed Driver; Current U.S. Passport; Voiceover/ Event Hosting


List available upon request

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