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Gerald Garth, Jr. serves as Executive Director of the AMAAD Institute (Arming Minorities Against Addiction & Disease). Garth brings over 20 years of leadership and has led health equity work for over ten years, previously serving as Chief Operations Officer of the AMAAD Institute and Manager of Prevention and Care with the Black AIDS Institute (BAI). He most recently served as the first Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for the Los Angeles LGBT Center. He has led work with the African American Infant and Maternal Mortality Initiative (AAIMM) and served as co-chair of the Black Caucus of the Los Angeles Commission on HIV.

Garth is also Founder of Garth Management Group, LLC, an organization created to building strategies and crafting approaches to address inequities and disparities and inform structural change.

Garth is the President of LA Pride, the first Black man to hold the position. Garth is also a licensed and ordained elder of the United Progressive Pentecostal Church—leading faith reconciliation and leadership development across the country. He is an award-winning journalist, editor, and filmmaker and nationally recognized activist and advocate. Garth completed his Master’s in Business Administration from California Intercontinental University in 2022.

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