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Turning Over A New Leaf

I don't like writing on the back of lined paper. I never have. But since I was a child, I would force myself to, because it's “economically and environmentally sound.” And even though I wouldn't like it, I'd lull through it. Etching sloppily just to say I did. I even recall how my thoughts were hampered, creative process dimmed, and motivation halted, because I was forcing myself to write on the back of leaves of lined paper.

Fast forward 25 years, I saw God in this memory. What practices in our lives are we holding onto because of traditions inherited or values we have outgrown? What things are we doing grudgingly? What things are we doing that are actually impacting our outcomes? Why do we force ourselves to do things we don't like in the name of standard, tradition, or obligation?

Sometimes turning over a new page is easier than we think…


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