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The Reimagine Master Series: Reimagine Greatness with Gerald Garth

Welcome to the DECEMBER 2020,'Master Series', entitled, 'RE-IMAGINE', This TUESDAY night series will focus on the art of 'Self Mastery', 'Co-Creation', and the RE-IMAGINATION of our lives and the world we choose to live in.

Selected facilitators include, GERALD GARTH, President and Lead Strategist, Garth Management Group, LLC., DOROTHY RANDALL GRAY, Executive Director at Heartland Institute for Transformation, PASTOR SAMMIE HAYNES, Solopreneur, Fashion Connoisseur and Lead Pastor of Vision LA, DENISE DAVIDSON, Yoga Guru, Licensed Marriage Family Therapist. This month-Long Celebration of Excellence will culminate with In The Meantime's 23rd annual Candle Light Ceremony, facilitated by JEFFREY KING, In The Meantime executive director.

Beginning The Reimagine Series on December 1, I will lead a discussion, “Reimagine Greatness,” which looks at how to bring purpose and persistence on your personal journey to your being your greatest self. “Reimagine Greatness” will explore how to define greatness for yourself, how to reassess, if needed and how, and to outline steps to showing up greatly, even in these exceptional times.

Also, in observance of World AIDS Day, a portion of “Reimagine Greatness” will look at health and wellness practices and solutions for our communities.

Check back tomorrow morning for log-in information!


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