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Consider Yourself

I still have a certain level of conviction that doesn’t let me wear bare arms in church - even over 10 years after leaving. Sunday, I saw a young man, about 23 with such, and I had to do what I call a self-check—that is, get a grip on my own judgment and thoughts. I remember the elders of my years in church would lead with Pharasaical phrases and elitist responses to the expressions of my generation. They would shun and scorn unstockinged legs and razored lightening bolts on fresh fades—speaking to, at the time, how these expressions were considered poor representations of the people of God. Now Interestingly enough, these expressions don’t even get a reaction. As a matter of fact, for my peers, stockings are about as dated as the Jheri curl. And, well, the poor representation wasn't from the one with the lightning bolt.

Interesting how the damaged youth of a few years ago now have a generation at its heels.

I would really like hear the thoughts of my generation on the impacts of the church, particularly the Pentecostal church, to see what were once considered “hellable” offenses, now common practice. I remember everything form busy patterns on garments to televisions in your house to wedding rings were all conversations that often discouraged and disengaged churchgoers from the assembly as well as from God. I remember my peers and I being rebuked for having boyfriends or girlfriends, or even friends "of the world."

In it all, I want to encourage my peers to be mindful of our own times and trials as young(er) people trying to find our place in the walk of faith and to be mindful of our own experience as we are now elders in the same right to a generation, now in our shoes.

This next installment series will be called "Consider Yourself" as I invite you to unpack your own considerations along with me. As we move forward, I invite you to consider yourself.

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