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Guide to Getting Unstuck

Be it work, love, or life, here are a few thoughts on how to see something different:

1. Don’t panic. I can’t reinforce enough—take some time, breath, set goals, work your goals, but don’t get yourself overwhelmed!

2. Shift your focus. I came across a passage years ago that I live by to this day. “Nervous and excitement is the same feeling, it’s just a matter of what you call it.” That to say, perspective is major. Look at life through a positive lens.

3. Get grateful. Let’s not underestimate the power in gratitude. When life is zooming all around you, try recentering with a simple “thank you.”

4. Start small. Scripture says God began all of creation with a word and a wind. That wind was what allowed God to turn darkness into light.

5. Believe. Sometimes we can’t make a decision because we think everything has to be perfect. Rabbi Sherre Hirsch said “if we took perfect out of our vocabulary, we could heal the world.” How about we start with ourselves? You may not get exactly what you want but set your heart high and believe.

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