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Biggest Encouragement to Self in This Season (BESTS)

Most people are setting themselves up for what's next. How about you also set yourself up with BESTS, Biggest Encouragement to Self in This Season:

1. Determine a wish versus expectation. In this season, God has truly been speaking to me in the vein of defining a wish versus an expectation. Webster defines as wish as “to feel or express a strong desire or hope for something that is not easily attainable.”

Oftentimes when we set our sights, we set them on big things. These big things are often lodged in the lane of a wish, because while enchanting, have no backing, no support, no plans, no success.

My challenge to us is that we turn our wishes into expectations, and even further, set them as goals.

2. Conduct a mass search for meaning. In light of the new year, many of us have been assessing what we’re doing with our time. All necessary. I would encourage us to do a mass search to look at why we’re doing what we’re doing. What’s the meaning? Does it bring us joy? Is it getting us closer to our goals? Or is it something we’ve just always done? Something out of sheer obligation? Is it for validation from others? Do we even know why we do what we do? Take a moment and check in.

3. Remember, “Ignoring a thing never gets results.I talked to a good friend who had a certain gentleman vying for her attention. She was not interested but did not in clear words tell him she was not interested. As a matter of fact, she did not tell him in any words. Fast forward, six years (yes, six), this man is still in her DMs. Moral of the story, if you don’t speak clearly to what you want or don’t want, you won’t get anything. Or you’ll just get a whole bunch of what you don’t want. Either way, no Bueno…

4. Give yourself time. At 35 years old, I look back at the unhealthy stress I put on myself throughout life to meet certain landmarks by certain times. We all need goals and motivation, but let’s be mindful we are not adding such gripping vices on ourselves that we are not celebrate progress or setting ourselves up for failure. Remember: everything takes time. Everything. So, give yourself time.

What are some other BESTS that speak to you in this season?

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