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Men and Mental Health

Sometimes life can come at you real quick. After a great conversation with my good friend, Nasir, I’m reminded that I’m not alone. Be it bills, deadlines, relationships, goals, or just staging off exhaustion, sometimes you just get tired. Literally and figuratively. And more often than not, these feelings are heightened due to the impact on your emotional and mental wellness. What’s more is men, particularly Black men, have other layers and barriers that have anecdotally hampered our mental health. Things like societal pressures and constraints, lack of education, miseducation, dealings of faith, and just navigating Black manhood in a society that is not designed to see you win. But, Brothers, Fathers, Sons, I want to encourage you. You can win! And not only that, you can keep winning. When it comes to our mental health, it’s okay to talk to someone other than God. It’s okay to feel and to sit still and process. It’s okay to say you’re afraid or confused or tired. And more than that, you’re not alone. There are men and women to whom you matter. And you matter to me. Seek treatment, seek support, seek whatever you need to be your best self. Be good to you. We support you. 

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