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A Tribute to My Grandmother

My Dearest Grandmother,

They say that life is not about the number of breaths you take, but the moments that take your breath away. On this day, I am proud to say that my grandmother had all of those in her 75 years her with us.

So much to so many, you have been so much to me, so much to us. Mother, sister, aunt, friend, but to me, you have been and will always be Madea.

From your holiday gumbo to our weekly calls, you always made it a point to remind us that “Madea loves you.” And, Madea, we never doubted it. And we know, you did not doubt our love for you.

Always enjoying family and gatherings, there are so many things I remember-- you loved fish fries, football season, and sweet potato pie.

Today in tribute to my grandmother, Iris Hillard, we wear the flower iris. The iris is often associate with royalty, wisdom, hope, and faith. To this family, this Iris represented these things and so much more. While our family is deeply grieved for the loss of our Madea, we are also thankful for our time together. We may have lost her physically, but we firmly believe that someday we will reunite again. We love you, Madea.

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