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Just Because You’re Good At It, Doesn’t Mean You Should Be Doing It

One of my latest reads, “Body of Work” by Pamela Slim—a gift from my Soul Sister Glo—has really changed my life. Like really.

I have begun to understand that everything you’re good at doesn’t mean you need to be doing it. After almost fivr years of working in public health, I’ve realized that while I am motivated by the work and I understand the importance of the work, I do not love the work.

Life has proven to be a balancing act between what you’re good at versus what you like and what people pay you to do. And amen if they are one in the same, or even close.

I think one of the things that helped was that I was able to find ways to infuse elements of my passion into my job—my enjoyment for coordinating events would show up often; my enjoyment for writing translated into reports and publication contributions, my love for speaking in trainings and conferences. But it’s only so long you can squeeze your foot in a shoe that isn’t your size before it becomes uncomfortable. Not taking away from the time where the shoe fit, but, when you’ve outgrown it—it’s over.

What places in your life have you outgrown? Maybe it was a fit at one point, but ask is it still? And maybe it is—and that’s great, but if it isn’t take a look, because everything you’re good at doesn’t mean you’re meant to be doing it.

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