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All’s Fair in Love and War

Have you ever heard the phrase “All’s fair in love and war?”  Well, I have, and I never really knew what it meant, because I’ve never been to war.  But I have been in love.

Matters of the heart are so much more volatile than guns or bombs could ever be; and being in a consistently volatile relationship is something more.

These weekends are rough.  These evenings are rough.  These late nights are rough.  These dinners alone are rough.  These stories untold are rough.  How can you love somebody so wrong for you? 

He could never trust me and maybe I could not trust him because he could not trust me. 

I was in a bar with a friend and we began to have a conversation about life and love and self-love and I was overcome.  My eyes filled with tears.  I knew I could not be crying in a bar.  But I was...

“We stay on the front lines…”

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