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Detox Redux

Win today. Be proactive in your overcoming.

When we set our intentions, things will come to challenge them-- situations to beget reactions. I live by a #Geraldism, “What’s in you will come out of you,” meaning that no matter what you say or don’t say, life will, one way or another, show you what’s in you. And you don’t know what you got until it’s tested. So, when we set our minds and hearts to do better in any regard, life experiences and opportunities will come to solidify or challenge those mores. I call them “mirror moments"— experiences that make you look squarely at yourself. This is life’s way of sharpening your irons, strengthening your tools, honing your lenses.

So, when you set your intentions to, say, abstain from sex, don’t be surprised when sex seeks you out. This can be said about whatever our “thing” is—stealing, drinking, spending.

You will be tested. Pass the test.

I’m doing a detox—people, foods, and activities. Purging, cleansing, and prepping. I have decided to align my whole self with what’s next—fully. I feel like there is so much shit in the way of my progress—in every sense of the word. I feel out of sync, like I’m not getting what I’m supposed to have because I’m not positioned where and how I should be. I’ve decided I want to be the man I want to have and see.

I’ve decided to resist temptation. But it’s staring me right in the face. Smelling like Bleu de Chanel. More to come…

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