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The Dream Series: OMT Edition

After a three-week hiatus, Oh! My Thirties co-host Corrinne Williams and I are ready to dream. We recognized the importance of stepping back and doing effective planning; hence, The Dream Series. This three-part series looks at tapping into your life’s purpose and how and a glimpse at some of the things we come across along the way. We also look at what it means to manage your dreams when everything is not “bubblegum and sunshine.”

No matter what your spiritual journey looks like, how you think and believes play a big part in your dreams. In Part II of the series, Corrinne and I look at spiritual components of bringing your dreams alive. From intentions to goals to practical next steps to chasing your dreams. In true OMT form, Corrinne and I have conversation, insight, and laughs as we unpack and dive into The Dream Series.

Tune in this Thursday for the third installment of The Dream Series and find parts I and II (and all our Oh! My Thirties) episodes on Soundcloud and iTunes!

Tune in and enjoy!

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