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Using Your Past to Inform Your Future

On one of our previous episodes of "Oh! My Thirties," entitled "Growing Pains," Corrinne and I unpack (as we do, oh so often) some of the dealings of the past and some of the ins and out of those. One of the questions we ask is, "Why pain?" I could begin this with all kinds of science about nerves and hormones and all that, but basically pain tells us something is wrong, or rather, something needs our attention. These moments of pain may often be seen as life’s opportunity to get us closer to healing, and it takes courage to deal with feelings and to be vulnerable.

Another question we asked is "what is the what?" meaning what is the root of these things. And sometimes we have to go deep-- maybe deeper than we've ever had to. Conversely, avoidance makes an issue the number one priority of your mind because it focuses your energy on whatever you’re avoiding. Perception plays a major part in our experience. Has there been any example of where how you saw something changed your experience? Until you take charge of your internal reality, you are bound to keep re-experiencing whatever you’re trying to avoid. And from that we had to ask, "How to change it?"

Below are some other questions Corrinne and I encourage you to ask yourself from the Oh! My Thirties episode entitled "Growing Pains."

  1. How can I change my internal dialogue?

  2. How can I find purpose in my pain?

  3. What ways have I used my past to negatively impact my future?

  4. How can we use the past to positively impact our future?

Even after several years, life can move you real quick-- especially when it comes to addressing the past. I encourage us all to do some self-work to help us be our best starting from the inside.

Listen to the entire episode of "Growing Pains" and all of our other episodes of Oh! My Thirties at here!

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