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The Incredible Dreams

I had a dream that three very close friends and I were a dynamic singing group. We were traveling the world and had a stop in a major city for a big show. But at this juncture, we could only go forward with three. The three women, all very talented and beautiful, all great friends and close presences in my life, yet we all could not play the venue together; there was only room for three.

At one point, I recommended that two of the women share one mic. They attempted briefly before the two were tugging at the mic stand, very unhappily.

“This isn’t gonna work!” one of the women grumbled.

“Let’s see if we can make it work,” I petitioned.

“This will not work. You love us both, but you have to pick. “

The fourth member stood by very contently. “Well, don’t you have anything to say?” I asked.

“No, this isn’t about me. I don’t have the conflict. You need to decide.”

As I pandered and shuffled with indecision, one of the singers blurted, “Well, since you don’t want to do anything, I’m leaving,” and she left in a huff. The two remaining group members regathered, and we were able to move on and have a successful show. The member who left went on to have a successful solo show, not very shortly after ours.

Of course, the dream brought to mind many of the comings and goings of singing groups over the decades, and in the dream, I saw a variation of the characters of Dreamgirls. In the beginning, things were fine, but as time went on, as things began to expand, they needed my immediate attention. In my dream, I saw each group member as a gift or as a goal. In our lives, certain gifts take precedence over others. Many of us are graced to do a number of things, but we have the responsibility to prioritize and perfect these gifts according to our own measure. Some gifts are intended to be cultivated more, some gifts are meant to be shared with the masses; some gifts are not. Furthermore, allowing things to take you away from nurturing and prioritizing your gifts are only a distraction.

The takeaway was that everything good in your life and everything you’re good at cannot get equal attention. You set you and those gifts up to be short-changed.

I shared my dream briefly with, who I call my “Soul Sib”, Glo, and she left me with a thought: “It sounds like the manifestation of what you already know, which is sometimes things you love very much are just too different to co-exist and something is bound to be let go.”

Dreams are good, but sometimes they're better when we assess them.

What in our lives needs our attention right now? Even though we may love these things and may even be good at them, where and how do we need to prioritize?

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