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Let It Go: How to Evolve from the Past

Oh! My Thirties (OMT) is on a roll! Every week, cohost Corrinne Williams and I have full-on dialogue about everything life has to offer—from love and relationships to current events and everything in between—all from a thirty-something lens. We recently did a show on Let It Go: Evolving from the Past.

On this episode of OMT, Corrinne and I talk about how letting go is a process—sometimes a painful one. From family to friends to boos to sidepieces, sometimes people have to fall off. Below are 10 Biggest Encouragements for This Season (BESTS) from our conversation about letting go:

  1. God whispers before the thunder. So often, we know well in advance that we should let go, but for one reason or another we hold on. Before long a gentle nudge becomes a raucous shake. Just say no to the raucous shake.

  2. You are human. Sometimes let go of things takes time. Sometimes it’s not easy. Sometimes you want to hold on. This doesn’t mean anything is wrong with you. You’re human. Give yourself space to be just that.

  3. Sometimes letting go means letting yourself go. Sometimes we can hold ourselves back. Oftentimes, before we can move anything, we have to move ourselves.

  4. Choose wisely. When making a decision, there’s more to it than just the decision itself. Don’t get yourself so much in a huff to where you miss the mark. Take your time, weigh things out, and proceed with intentionality.

  5. Check in with yourself. If something is getting a reaction out of you, ask yourself what is this about? Be it a clinched jaw or chills, check in with yourself to see how you truly feel and why.

  6. Find a way to express yourself. Is it journaling? Talking to someone? Prayer? Find and use those tools to help you get to that place of evolution.

  7. Mental wellness is key. Just like you check in, sometimes you need to check out. Sign off social media. Don’t take calls after 7 p.m. Start knitting. Whatever! Do what you need to do to keep your mind and spirit well.

  8. Make peace. If you don’t, that thing will continue to show up. It might take a while, but your peace of mind is worth it.

  9. Forgive. Sometimes you must forgive people who aren’t even sorry. Make amends for you and your growth, not anyone else.

  10. Stay present. Stand in this moment. Not what was or will be. There’s power in the now. There’s grace in the now. Celebrate the right now.

Hear the entire episode here.

Check out Corrinne and me on a new episode every Thursday and find “Oh! My Thirties” on iTunes, Soundcloud, and all things social media and let us know what you think!

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