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Biggest Encouragements for Self in This Season (BESTS): Be Accountable

Yesterday, my bestie Bianca woke me with a spry and energetic call first thing in the morning. Clearly somebody’s a morning person, and clearly, somebody is not as I answered in my grumbly pre-8 a.m. way. “Good morning, Bestie!” she chimed with the energy and thrust of a cheer squad captain. Clearing my throat and head, I was actually pleasantly surprised to receive her call, being that we are generally late-afternoon chatters.

One thing I appreciate about Bianca -- she is, what I call, an accountability partner. As much as she and I laugh, have nights out, and can shoot the breeze about just about anything, she equally (or even more so) keeps me in check. From goal setting to life planning, I can count on B to hold me to it.

“So, you were able to take a project from idea to finished product in 90 days, huh?” as she congratulated me my latest role as editor in chief and on the launch of Chill, a print, digital, and social brand designed for the millennial man of color.

“It was actually more like 6 weeks,” I grinned.

And then she hit me with the “gotcha.” “So, how much more are you committed to seeing your own projects come to life?”

“Bloop,” I thought. Then she began to give me a list of questions for follow up that I either should have the answer to or be able to answer by a certain time. She has her own 90-day plan rife with landmarks, evaluation, and contingency. To say I was inspired would be an understatement. But beyond building my own 90-day plan, Bianca has also inspired my latest BESTS, Biggest Encouragements for Self in This Season.

Below are my BESTS inspired by my bestie Bianca:

1. Set goals. How else will you know where your time is going?

2. Check in. Take a look at where things are. You won’t always hit the mark but knowing what to do and what not to do makes a big difference along the way.

3. If you fall off, just get back up. You don’t have to wait until a new week or a new year to regroup. Just get a grip and get back to it!

4. Continue to make you a priority. In this experience called “adulthood,” you will be pulled and spread thin, and there’s only so much of you to go around. Despite all the moving pieces, make sure you save time and energy for you and your dreams.

5. Accountability matters. Having someone to keep you held to a standard is key. Be it your manager, your mama, or your very own Bianca, having somebody “in your business” is necessary for outcomes.

Do you have goals? Dreams? Who's helping you keep you on track?

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