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The Chat and Chew Crew is Here to Stay!

Every first Friday, “Chat and Chew” brings together a diverse roundtable of Black voices representing the full LGBTQ spectrum, tackling today’s hot topics—from dating and relationships to current events and celebrity buzz—and everything in between. This panel-style conversation inspired by “The View” also looks at issues that directly impact LGBTQ communities of color in more depth—such as racism, stigma, and health. This innovative platform allows men and women of the LGBTQ sphere space for uninhibited dialogue around real life.

This month the Chat and Chew Crew discussed “Unity in the Community: What Does That Really Mean?” The discussion explored stereotypes, labels, and boxes, where we all got to look at some of the layers of what it means to be Black and LGBTQ.

When the question, “What could we do to build community among Black LGBTQ people” was posed, there were many proposed solutions, yet one point spoke to me the most. This most resounding point was to simply “say hello.” Before we can build any program, inform any policy, or shape any coalition, we need to begin by purely saying hello to people. Saying hello genuinely acknowledges people’s presence. Saying hello says, “I see you.” Saying hello says, “we are here together.” The most impact change often begins with the smallest gestures.

You want to be an activist, an advocate, or an ally? Start with saying hello—and saying it back when it comes to you first.

Keep up with the Chat and Chew Crew on Instagram:f @neverendingnina,, @saint.xavi and Naima Smith on Facebook. The next Chat and Chew is May 4 and view the livestream at @fiercefabulousandfree!

Come enjoy free food and great conversation as part of this revolutionary experience held every first Friday from 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m at APLA Health.

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