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Booster Resolutions

“Oh! My Thirties” co-host Corrinne Williams and I had a conversation about what we want to see in the new year on the show titled "Resolutions." As we go into 2018, a big part of the take-away for 2017 was to “keep it real.” And not in the 2005, finger-snapping-in-a-circle, neck-rolling “keep it real” way. But real in the sense that it’s time to just be 100 with yourself. Basically, tell yourself the whole truth. Things you don't like, people you don't need, projects that need less of you-- go ahead and tell yourself the truth. Keep it real.

As we have been getting our resolutions for the new year, I’ve had a few more thoughts. Determining this year’s resolutions, I have deemed what I call "booster resolutions." I say booster because, like a booster shot or a booster drug, you should be able to apply these to your resolutions-- whatever they are-- to amplify them.

My booster resolutions are:

  1. Be patient with myself. It can be so easy drag yourself. We set goals and look up and be like, “Damn, it’s June and I ain’t where I want to be.” But be patient, don’t beat yourself. It takes time. Give yourself time.

  2. Be consistent. Along with being patient, you have to be consistent. Whether it’s learn a new language, picking up the guitar again, or toning up that body, you gotta stick with it.

  3. Dream big. So often we can be our own biggest barrier. We can often limit ourselves by not giving ourselves enough vision to grow into. While you do want to be realistic, dream big enough to get big results. How you set your intentions determines your outcomes.

As we move into 2018, we may have a top 3, 5, or even 10 resolutions, but I want to encourage you to apply, no matter what your goals are, these boosters. You’ll thank me later.

Happy 2018!

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