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“Sit down gently; don’t throw yourself into it”

A new colleague invited me into her home for a working meeting. The woman, mature and well-traveled, had statues and paintings from all over the world; even the floor itself was imported. “Come in and welcome,” she smiled. “I’d love for you to join me in the parlor.”

“Parlor,” I thought, “How fancy.”

I made my way into the room, fancifully outfitted with deep woods and rich leathers and smelled of sandalwood. “Have a seat,” she offered. As I made my way to a row of sturdy-built wicker and cloth chairs, she stopped me. “No, I’d like you to sit here.” She redirected me to a chic, antique chair made of dark mahogany and rich tan leather. “I don’t let many people sit in this chair, but you’re something special.”

“Thank you,” I said, mindfully making my way to the set of chairs.

“It’s fragile and very valuable, so sit down gently. Don’t throw yourself into it.”

And that moment, I heard God. In that moment, the chair was my dream—well-designed, yet delicate, and positioning yourself must be deliberate— “sit down gently.” “Don’t throw yourself into it.” Rough and fast is not always the way. Sometimes, yes, but generally handling valuable things require more intentionality. This was a reminder that sometimes we need to slow down, clear our heads, and be easy. So much of our life demands us to be rigid, rough, and raucous, but some things in our lives require the complete opposite.

“Sit down gently. Don’t throw yourself into it.” What areas of your life requires this command?

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