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Biggest Encouragement to Self in This Season (BESTS), Pt. 1

Here we are just a handful of weeks from the end of 2017. And what a ride it's been. "Ups and downs" is not not even the word. But one thing this year has taught me is to listen-listen to your heart, listen to your gut, listen to the signs. And each time, I've been able to pull very season-specific advice that helps me along the way. Because of that, I am committed to BESTS, Biggest Encouragement to Self in This Season, a periodic list of tips and advice for the here and now. Take a look at the BESTS, part 1:

  1. Know that everything—including people’s response to you—is not about you. People will always have thoughts for and about you. And that’s about it. Get to a place and do the work to keep you in a headspace and heartspace that limits people’s footprint in your psyche.

  2. Know when to step away. Working a job, going to school, being active in organizations, working out, maintaining relationships, managing people, managing projects, managing time-- whew! With so much going on, sometimes you need to just step away. Take a breather, have a walk, close the door, pull the shades, put your earbuds in. Do whatever you need to do to let people know you’re unavailable. Your wellness depends on it.

  3. Always look nice. Gone are the days of dashing to the store in sweats, keeping your beard unlined, or wearing ill-fitting anything. You're trying to be recognized? Look recognizable. You're trying to be discovered? Be discoverable.

  4. Stop tolerating what you don’t desire. The old people would say “time is filled with swift transition.” And while they may not be saying it anymore, that doesn’t make it any less true. Time is moving with or without you and we do not have to make space or time for anything we don’t want. Times change, desires change. Recognize that and respond accordingly.

  5. It’s time for decisions. There are certain things you want, and it’s time to start wrapping your mind around that-- your mind, your intentions, your actions, your faith, your efforts, your money. Your dreams will not sneak up on you; they welcome you. Things might happen quickly or suddenly, but it will not be an accident. What are you sowing into?

Encouraging yourself is a real thing. BESTS will give a snapshot of the best encouragement and advice for the right now. Let me know what you think! And more BESTS is yet to come!

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