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Trust the Process

Over my past few years in Los Angeles, I've learned a few things-- look both ways before you cross the street, then look again. Bring a wrap (yes, a wrap, not a sweater), and to trust the process. This has always been one of my guiding principles, but more lately than ever. Going into the summer, I had a few transitions begin: my job had ended, my yearlong relationship ended, and my zeal for the City of Angels had begun to dwindle. No, I wasn't ready to jump ship, but I was tired.

But despite it all, I had a few things reinforced:

1. Find your lane and celebrate it. Let dancers dance. Let producers produce. Let promoters promote. What's your thing? Find it and do it. And do it well.

2. Embrace that things take time. Of course, it's a classic statement, but we need to be reminded. Writing books take time, getting booked takes time, getting fit takes time. Stay committed to it and you'll see it.

3. Aim to outdo you. Be your own biggest competition-- whether it be with fitness goals, financial goals, clickthroughs, or word count. You let your work be great and aim to be greater than you were the last time. And not anybody else.

4. Take a little down time. Really. This life can move you quick. Take a minute. Recharge. Step away. You're worth it.

5. Don't forget to daydream. I've even gone so far as to create a calendar reminder. Something you get so caught up on what you don't see and don't have that you can forget to revel in possibility. Don't lose your revelry.

While we're hustling and grinding, don't forget to trust the process!

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