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“What Does Legacy Mean to You?”

In follow up to conversation led by Jeffery King, President of In the Meantime Men Group, I thought it was only fitting that we continue the dialogue, particularly on what exactly does legacy mean to you, how does it tie into your life, and what do you want to see next for yourself?

Hits, likes, and views seem to be a major part of our lives today, but what about actually being remembered and for what. In the time of FOMO, YOLO, and “oh no,” what lasting impact are we having on individuals, our communities, and even ourselves?

Last night, I had the privilege to lead the group of amazing men in discussion sparked by a few questions:

  1. What is legacy to you?

  2. How do you create your legacy?

  3. What is your dream?

  4. How is your dream and legacy in alignment?

  5. What are you doing to fulfill and sow into your legacy?

  6. How are your current decisions impacting your legacy and what do you plan to do or not do going forward?

As the group-- representing a full spectrum of ages and experiences-- progressed, many themes emerged that we’ll continue to unpack over the next few weeks. Next week’s talk is:

Building Your Legacy: Part 2 “How to Use Your Past To Get You To Your Future”

At the end of the series, I plan to do a recap of themes and next steps. I'm excited for this opportunity as we work to actively identify and cultivate the tools and spaces we need to create history and build legacy.

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