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Personal Advisory Committee


Having a team of people who can speak to who you are as a person is so important. In a time where we question folks’ intentions, loyalty, and very sense of self, we should be grateful when we have people near us who keep us grounded.

I call my closest friends my "personal advisory committee." Having worked in the corporate and non-profit sectors for years, I’ve learned the importance of a governance committee or board. These individuals all serve very necessary roles that keep the organization running well.

Thinking of yourself as an organization, these are essential roles to your success:

The “Bitch, let’s think about this” friend. In life, we need those who will help us make the hard decisions, the ones who love you enough to tell you when you’re wrong and to remind you when you need a little insight. We all need this friend. Sometimes you might cuss them out (and they might cuss you out back), but you love each other and see the value in having these friends.

The “Yas, bitch, yas!” friend. We also need those who will give us encouragement and some friends are there to lend their support and enthusiasm. It’s not to say that these friends don’t offer more, but their gusto is everything to you! Whether on the dance floor or after a new haircut, this friend reminds you that you are somebody! And there's nothing like a good reminder!

The “Bitch, you better reel it in” friend. Ain’t nothing like having a friend that can let you know when you’ve gone too far left. We get excited, we start feeling ourselves, we get to bucking too hard and we all need a friend to give us that look—and we know what that look is. “Who gon’ check me, boo?” This friend—that’s who.

The “Bitch, you can have it all” friend. This friend is the one you can daydream with. He or she lets you get lost in your thoughts about all the things that are possible. When you think about what you wanna do next in life, in your career, in your relationships, or whatever, this friend reminds you that you can have it. Touch three people and say "you can have it!"

The “Bitch, let’s just be” friend. Amidst all the hustle and bustle of life, sometimes you just need a moment, and this friend gives you space to have just that. No pretense, no trying too hard, no nothing. If it’s over wine, a Netflix binge, or just the two of you on your phones in silence, having that friend who you can just be yourself—no lashes, no money, no problem.

Which friend are you? Share, tag a friend, and let me know who's who!

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