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Just My Type!

Sitting here typing, I had a random thought. Who’s idea was to arrange the keyboard like this? I'm sure I could Google it, but it's the principle that struck me. Whoever this great man (or woman) was, studied print and type and all these other factors that we have no idea of and, from it, came what we know as the modern keyboard. Around the world, for the most part, typewriters and computers have the same layout. Around the world. To ordinarily look at this splay of letters, there is pretty much no rhyme or reason. That's just what it is. But whatever the reason is, everybody couldn’t help but to get in line with it. If sure many griped and complained and probably attempted to change it. I'm certain many had their ideas of what they thought was better, but guess what? It didn't work and they got in line with the modern keyboard. Complaining and all, they had no choice. Every standard computer has the same keyboard. And if a person wants to type, guess what? He learns this keyboard.

My takeaway-- why are you waiting on approval? Why are you waiting on validation? Why are you taking the gift, the craft-- you've been given, and have toiled with and nurtured and subjecting it to the superficial level of authentication that we go through? Why would you take this thing that people don’t understand and consistently attempt to make it palatable? This dream, this vision, this talent is yours. It is not for people to understand. You can share it and perhaps it may be revealed to some, but that ain’t your business. What happens in other people's heads in none of your business! You think the person who ordered the letters on the keyboard is worried? Anybody who types then or now had to get in line. Stop trying to reorder purpose; all you're doing is getting in your own way. Let your gifts be in just the order they are supposed to be. The very expression, the very interpretation. The only choice people have is to get in line or miss it. Control, alt, delete.

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