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The Black Widower

To have your cake and eat it too.

To have and do everything you want to do.

To keep people at bay and have things your way.

Breaking hearts, crushing spirits, sapping strength, tapping life.

You not looking for nothing,

Just wanting to say something.

Portraying one thing, living another.

You once were someone; you’ve become another.

An imposter, a fraud, a hypocrite.

Just look at yourself and look at this shit.

Beguiling, betraying, bewildering.

The problems and the issues,

The four-page letters and the tissues,

The “I miss you’s” but you resist, you

Have turned me into more of a monster than I remember.

Sweet November became bitter December

And those burning embers have gone gray.

Luring, seducing, misleading, entrapping.

You wanted me to stay, but then you still go.

You fled the scene because you thought the grass was green.

And you made what was better bitter,

This heartache was once a flitter,

You served me ashes and called it glitter.

That’s what you do.

You make people fall in love with you and you leave.

You make people look for you and you’re gone.

You make people believe in you and you fail.

You make people trust you and you disappear.

Cursing, crippling, crushing.

And every time, you’re sorry.

You're sorry.

Sorry indeed.

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