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Why a New Year for a New You?

Going out of a year and into a new one, more often than not, puts people in some kinda place. Be it a new look, a new love, or even a new life, people are gearing up for what’s next. Folks are dog-earring pages in their day planners and setting alerts in their phones, but I can’t help to ask the age-old question: why wait?

Nowadays everything is available right now. Gone are the days of 1-hour photo, 7-day shipping, or just about anything from scratch. Skyscrapers go up in weeks, plants go up in days, and marriages happen overnight. So with all the necessities of life being available 24-hours a day, how do you expect someone to celebrate you waiting until the cycle of the year to get a grip on your own life? As we binge watch TV series online from beginning to end, how is it feasible that the world cares about you waiting however many months for a “new year, new you?” A person can have a new name, new hair, a new figure, new job, a new anything, like--right away. People can be a new person whenever they decide, so please don’t expect anyone to get excited, because you made a resolution. My resolution: resolve all year.

No one is knocking your self-improvement, but what’s more laudable is making a decision and bringing it to life in real time, not when the clock strikes 12.

You don’t need a new year for a new you! Cheers to that…

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