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4 Friends That You Need as an Adult

4 Friends That You Need as an Adult

1. The “Here to the End” Friend

Over the years, friends come and go—that’s part of the process. And it doesn’t always have to be a big falling out, sometimes people just evolve in different directions. But sometimes there is a friend who’s just—there. Sure you may have had your fallings out and you probably don’t talk everyday, but, guess what, they’re still around. You two have been there for each other for everything—from break-ups to bad haircuts. And while life is changing all around, between you two, nothing’s changed. The “Here to the End” friend is just that.

2. The “Let’s Do Our ABC’s” Friend

We know that friend who loves us and we know because she talked us out of getting that burgundy basket weave for our first day of the new job. Or our boy, who convinced us that a Marvin the Martian tattoo on your forearm was quite the route to go. It not that they were knocking or blocking, but they were actually assessing and that is a blessing.

3. The Bob the Builder

“Can we do it? Yes we can!” We all need a friend who’s gonna stick around and help up get it together. Be it bouncing ideas or telling us we need to get a grip, there’s one friend who is there to see us through and see us better. What’s a quarterback without a cheerleader?

4. The Oprah

Sometimes we just need a shoulder to cry on. No advise, no amen corner, just somebody with tissues and a consoling back pat. Sometimes we need to sob, sometimes we just need somebody to sit and stare with us, but one thing for sure, we can appreciate that friend who’s just there.

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