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First AME Zion of Los Angeles Brings Awareness and Education


As a representative of the Black AIDS Institute and the Black Treatment Advocates Network, I had an opportunity to speak, along with my colleagues Shalaurey Jones and Damone Thomas, at First AME Zion of Los Angeles. The presentation was centered on HIV in the Black Community and how the church can get more involved.

The presentation was designed for young adults ages 18-24 covering such topics as HIV basics, what HIV looks like in America and LA, and what Jesus said about being an advocate.

FAME, as the church is so affectionately called, recognizes the strength of the Black church and its place as a cornerstone in the community. I want to thank Rev. Kelcy and First Lady Steele and the First AME Zion Church family for the opportunity and am looking forward to a longstanding partnership.

Tune in live Monday, March 8 at 12:30 pm to as Rev. Steele and I continue the conversation!

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