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Show Some Love

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I once read that an oppressed people long for a group to oppress. Does this explain why groups are so quick to divide? All these subcategories! I won’t even begin to ramble off the titles and designations groups have. Preferences are one thing, but to be rude, bitter, and just down right ugly is unacceptable. And it’s generally some extreme sub-sect that seeks this high horse.

Now I will say, there are some things that turn my head (and stomach) more than others. But a wise man once said, “Don’t ‘yuck’ another man’s ‘yum’.”-- this being an interpretation of the classic “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

Sometimes I’ll giggle when someone’s walk is a bit too runway for grocery store aisles or when we see one who has overdone it a bit with the lip gloss or accessories or whatever, but on the same token, I’ve had double takes taken on my account. What does one do? Of course, many times it pushes us to fight or flight. We stand against the jeers and snickers, which we evolve into the “I don’t give a fuck” mentality (another post in itself).

A man once told me that he couldn’t stand a tall man who was proper. And he didn’t mean feminine or prissy, but proper as in formal or polite. For him, if you were big in stature, you had to be a near animal. Clearly, I’m nobody’s animal… well… next subject.

But all that to say, we all have different driving forces, different partialities, and different prejudices.

Sometimes I’m a bit put off by thin voices. It just really puts me in a place, but who am I to tell somebody about how they should sound? Same goes for how people dress, walk, dance, accessorize, or anything else. Whenever I get in a way over something I just remind myself the same way you aren’t doing things for people, this person is not doing this for you.

Let’s show some love.

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