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Think It Possible!

If you’re going to think thoughts you might as well think big ones.

First off it’s free. Second it feels better to think in terms of possibility and creativity, rather than thinking thoughts that are tethered to our conditioned way of seeing things. That is, incorrectly. Third, that’s how science works.

Scientists call their experiments fields.

Fields of study. Fields of research. Fields of discovery. Fields of possibility. Fields of dreams.

It’s open. Wide open spaces. If it weren’t—if the conclusions were already made, if there were nothing to explore, if everything was predetermined—there wouldn’t be a reason to partake in the adventure. Science would cease. Thankfully, scientists don’t see science as a closed box—as limited; as finite. It’s all about experimentation, discovery, possibility.

At a molecular level, possibility exists because of atoms and the fields of potential they create. If you think about life, everything is atom-based, from the tiniest cell to the infinite cosmos itself. So to move possibility from the world of particles and quarks to actual substance requires us to take action.

In the field of possibility, in order to make something happen, it’s up to you.

Possibility begins with you.

Assume something isn’t going to happen if you don’t take action. Because nine out of 10 times it won’t. This isn’t to make you depressed; this is fact. You meet someone at a café and want to say hello but are too scared to do so. The girl pays for her coffee and leaves. The possibility of connection is missed. You were too scared to say something and she may have felt the same thing.

Assume it’s up to you. If you do, you’ll increase your chances of creating more possibility. And more possibility simply means more.

The agent you met at a party a few weeks ago? He might call; he might not. Why not create an active possibility where it lies latent? Convert the dormant potential into something tangibly real.

Life’s not about getting concerned with the outcome or the end result. The girl you ask out at the café—you might discover she has a boyfriend. The agent you finally decide to call—he ended up just signing someone else who’s similar to your type.

The point is that you become empowered by doing. You end up feeling more excited about actually taking action than how it turns out, because you actually start participating in your own life.

At the end of the day, isn’t that what getting activated in our own lives is all about? It’s about trying, taking action, showing up, being seen, risking, putting yourself out there. Stop hesitating, overthinking, and doubting.

When we do take action, it can often lead to the most extraordinary experiences we could’ve ever imagined. Or sometimes, it leads to failure. Who cares?

Either way, you’re no longer merely watching—you’re actually on the playing field. And that’s where possibility exists—not on the sidelines, not in the stands, but in the fields. Of possibility.

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