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Mental wellness is such an issue in the entertainment industry. I don’t know how it hasn’t been explored more. Some of the greatest recorded creatives have had bouts with depression, addiction, and mental illness. We have been conditioned to not talk about these things, yet we are so intrinsically accustomed to just “celebrate good times.” Even still, people need to know that it’s okay to share; it's okay to talk. It is because of these feelings of loneliness and overwhelmingness and feeling as if there is no one to talk to, people, many times, retreat to vices.

Performers, comedians especially, always feel that they must be “on.” They have created a persona, a package, an image of being funny and entertaining, yet many times, there are storms beneath the surface. And with the pressure to always be relevant and interesting, one may not feel he can talk about what’s really happening at all. I mean, no one wants to hear about your battle with depression or your mental imbalance, right? But that’s not true. We should all have some type of support system, something that keeps us grounded, be it a practice, individuals, something that allows our true selves to feel taken care of.

Also, there is a stigma around mental illness in the entertainment business. Negative stereotypes surrounding mental health definitely need to be addressed especially in Hollywood. Many make light of mental conditions, even making fun of them. This is disrespectful of the pain of those in these circumstances, and can be harmful to them.

Even further, inaccurate portrayals in film, television, and movies have an important and underestimated negative effect on the perception of people with mental disorders--by the public, legislators, families and patients themselves. As a whole, we should be more sensitive to human beings and give people space to be human. Yes, our entertainers have made lives of making us laugh, but mental wellness is never a joke and entertainers should remember that they are not alone.

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