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I’m glad to be here today. Glad to be alive and well and breathing and moving. I feel great things are aligning for me. I see things are clearing up. It makes me think of those old games we played as kids where a blurry image slowly began to clear up and the viewer had to guess what the picture was before the time was up. The picture would get clearer at each second and by 0, the image was completely clear. I love completely clear or at least clearer. It's getting closer.

Things come to test and try, yet prepare and perfect.

“Incredible” is in my spirit. Just repeating. The Universe is reminding me. Something about repetition that really takes root. Just to say something over and over, intently and with resolve really drives it into your soul. I’ve made myself happy just by saying it over and over. And conversely, I’ve made myself sad (even if subconsciously) by repeatedly verbalizing sadness. And a lot of times, it’s not even on purpose, but we’ll say things like, “I’m sick of this,” “He gets on my nerves,” “I could just die,” “I’m such a mess,” “Ugh, I hate myself.”

These types of negative confessions release poison into our lives and then we wonder why we feel the way we do. I would always say we can’t be surprised when our lives catch up with our words-- good or bad.

Being prepared. Embracing the process. Kneading the clay. Pruning the shrubs. Clipping the edges. Weeding the weeds. Tilling the soil. All necessary. It’s about maturing and growing. Being grateful and just developed. Not whining and complaining. I’ve always had a problem with complainers and gripers. I’m asking what are you doing? I would usually say, "For all the energy you’re putting into complaining you could have learned advanced calculus."

Plus somebody with a story is so much more interesting than someone who hasn’t one. I honestly always think that people who haven’t had any challenges in life don’t know how to realistically deal with life. Be suicidal, depressed, ready to run to drugs, just because they’re a little short on funds or because their mate left. Somebody who has been without before or dealt with loneliness and other real-life issues before have a certain resolve that says, “I can make it. It’s rough; it hurts, but I’ll be okay.” I am truly from the stock of knowing that “I’ll be okay.” I don’t judge, but I know that God has allowed me to go through much of what I have gone through, not for me, but for those afar off. Think about it, how much more effective is a counselor, a friend, a mentor, or leader who can say, “I have been there. I have gone through this. Now look at me! I made it, you can make it too.”

I feel it all goes back to purpose—knowing that we are not of our own. We are not unto ourselves. Things are operating on levels that we cannot see, let alone understand. I am grateful that the Universe sees fit to trust me and work in me not only for my destiny, but for all those connected to me—those I know and can see and even those I cannot. The only word that comes to mind is grateful. Thank you.


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