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30 Things in 30 Years: Stretch

I learned very early on the importance of getting up and getting around. Catches in your back and Charlie horses are not the way. We’re not designed to stay in one position all day long. Taking regular breaks to stretch not only reduces stiffness, but reduces stress.

Tension and tightness is not cute and we all know stress is a killer. Try to take a relaxation break for a moment or two every so often throughout the day. We often get so tied up in our daily schedules that we forget to even take a deep breath or stretch, and as a result our muscles tense up.

Deep breathing and stretching provides extra oxygen to the blood which relaxes and reenergizes our muscles. It will also help to keep us mentally alert. And keeps you from smacking a b*tch down. Try it and see for yourself! The stretching, that is…

Stretching relaxes your body. Relaxing your body allows you to experience less intense negative emotional states, such as smacking a b*tch down. (And I know this as fact #sideeye)

No need to be all pretzeled up or splayed out in the lobby of your job, but take a minute to stretch—your body and mind will thank you.


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