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30 Things in 30 Years: Walk With Your Head Up

In this busy city, people are always coming and going, moving here and there, trying to establish some sense of sanity. Whilst moving to and fro, many people’s heads are so glued to their phones and iPods and iPads that we forget what it is to look up. Literally. Veering into other pedestrians, bumping into trash cans and lightposts. I even had to yell out to a woman as she was so enthralled with her cell phone she was about to walk into crosswalk-- while traffic was moving!

Many of us may not be as consumed or disconnect as this lady, but then again some of us are. From a figurative standpoint, many of us are walking with our heads down—caught up and so far removed from life that we are get removed from ourselves. When you walk with your head up, you are alert, aware, and you look better. You look important, you look like purpose, you look like you. And you don’t get almost hit by cars…

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