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10 Things Money Can’t Buy: Love

So I’m wrapping up my 10 Things Money Can’t Buy series with one we all can relate to on some level. How many songs and movies and life experiences have been told with the phrase “you can’t buy love?” I don’t think there is anything that can be said that has not been said already. We’ve seen countless celebs and public figures air out their dirty laundry in the rags and sleazy sites. We ask ourselves, “How can she not keep a man? What does he keep doing wrong?” I don’t think anyone is necessarily doing anything wrong, so much as being human. The difference between your business and their business? They got money and popularity. You got issues just like anybody else; thing is people not checking for you like that. Still, people might be a little less concerned with your comings and goings, but that doesn’t take away from your story. Love is real. Love is available. Love is yours, and that goes for all of us.

Nonetheless, we all looking for love--and having money doesn’t get us any closer…

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