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10 Things Money Can't Buy: Class

I really will try not to be too shady in today’s post, but when I tell you money can’t buy class?! Have mercy! We all know people, have seen people, read about people, might even people (I said no shade, Self) who have gotten a few more nickels and think we’re the bees knees.We think class is labels and Black Cards and making it rain, when that could not be further from the truth.Head-to-toe anything does not make you classy.Being wasteful and extravagant and careless does not equate class.I remember having an associate who felt the need to divulge at random that his belt was Gucci or his watch had real diamonds.Of course, we would all look at him like he had a problem.Well… (again, no shade, Self)

But really, when people act like this, all I hear is my mother’s voice in that admonishing way of hers, saying “You can tell when somebody not used to nothing.”So, you may have money, but let’s let our class speak for itself.

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