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10 Things Money Can’t Buy: Manners

In conjunction with #30in30, I want to debut the “10 Things Money Can’t Buy” series. Everybody so caught up with trying to be something, but can we strive to just be better?

1. Manners

Some things are so basic, yet sad to say, don’t happen. For one, manners, we are taught very early on. Manners are one of the things that separate us from the animals. Manners show that we have evolved as a human race-- common levels of decency and decorum that tells the next man that you’re not a caveman. Now, of course, the minute somebody tells you you’re nasty or trifling or, as my Mama says, “ain’t used to nothing,” you ready to buck up. So tell me why are we coughing with our mouths open? Why are we leaving coffee rings on café tables when we leave? Why are we letting doors close on strangers? Just a little cognizant effort goes a long way.

Mama always said, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” And that’s fine--until you realize people don’t care like you think they do. Period. Common decency is not common anymore. But, there is a sect of people who consider the next guy or gal and pick up their used napkin. To you it’s just a paper napkin you used to clean your sunglasses; to the next guy it’s a crumpled Petri dish filled with potential disease.

And sometimes, manners are just nice. I mean, how necessary is it to spit on the sidewalk? How much effort does it take to silence your ringing cell phone if you know you’re not answering it? But, folk be in an outrage when they step in someone’s gum or have to refill the toilet paper roll! All I can say, as simple as it is, is to consider yourself! In the age of “not giving a f*ck,” give at least one—it could be the one you need later.

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