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Be Ye Transformed

Take a look at my latest article from Message in the Meantime--

The Renewed Church of Los Angeles touts its motto as “come be renewed and live the life you so deserve.” Pastor Curt D. Thomas believes that wholeheartedly. “Renewed is for everyone—a place to belong.” Reaching out to all communities, but especially the LGBT community, Renewed finds its purpose in reaching all with the message of love and acceptance while tackling social injustices and the issues that surround them.

“This is our encouragement,” says Pastor Curt. “No matter where people come from or what they have done in life, and regardless of the non-acceptance of neighbors, there is a place where people can come and receive healing, acceptance, and change—moreover, a place to belong, grow and participate.

”Along with being healed and accepted, people want betterment within their lives. Renewed introduces change by equipping and preparing its members through practical teaching and community involvement. There is untold benefit in understand-ing this. It is the church’s idea that the transformation of our families and communities, and thus the world, begins with the transformation of indi-viduals. “By equipping God’s people to achieve, we empower people spiritually, emotionally, educationally, socially, economically and politically,” says Pastor Curt.

“Renewed has helped me in too many ways to count,” says Mother Nedra Ameno, a Renewed member since November 2013.

Sensitivity to the needs of others is very important, not just to the LGBT community, but to all communities.

“As a Christ-centered ministry, we are inclusive of all people, fully embracing people of every race, gender, culture, physical, or mental condition,” says Pastor Curt.

At Renewed, many benefit from opportunities for training in teamwork, serving others, character building, and helping people in crises.

Ameno agrees. “When I first came here I was really lost, broken hearted, and spiritually desperate to be reconnected to hearing the words of God,” she says. “Pastor Curt saw the God in me, that I had forgotten was there.

”Individuals gain on many levels at Renewed, as there are opportunities to give and receive. Renewed assists with all the things people are dealing with in life and offers a voice to the community, especially to those dealing with health and social injustices.

At Renewed, fundamentals, such as integrity, morality, and sensitivity to others’ needs, are built through practical training.

“We will accomplish our goals by creating opportunities for team building, social awareness, service, and outreach,” says Pastor Curt.

Pastor Curt and the Renewed Church of Los Angeles are poised to meet the needs of several communities at large. But, it will only happen through a continued and unified effort.

“There are barriers to hurdle, and we need people and resources to help facilitate and empower this plan from God,” he says.

The ultimate goal of the Renewed Church is to offer a place to build relationships, both spiritually and naturally, and to mobilize people and resources that help empower everyone.

Many individuals struggle to reconcile their faith, especially those within societally underrepresented communities. As one of the assembly’s newest members I can assert that Renewed offers a place for all individuals to be connected, included, and affirmed. Besides the inspirational leadership and unified congregation of Renewed, I appreciate the opportunity, not only to be helped and encouraged, but also to selflessly be help and encouragement to others by showing love and support to the ministry and the community.

When it comes to Renewed’s mission, Mother Ameno recounts it best. “Renewed gave me my life back,” she says.

Pastor Curt and the Renewed family encourage all to “come be renewed and live the life you so deserve!”

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