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30 in 30 : Be “Unboxable!”

I’m approaching a birthday soon and I was thinking, “I feel the best I’ve probably felt in life.” Looking back at my 20s, I’m like, “Dude, you thought you were living. You weren’t doing anything!” Even now, I feel like I’m just really coming into my own. It’s so important for a person to just do them. I know it’s improper (and it’s burning me up a bit not to correct it), but it needs to be said just like that—be unboxable!

Pardon the expression, it is so freeing to just be like “f*ck it” sometimes. I’ve always been the responsible one. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love that. I think that is a strong part of my make-up: consistent and stable. But sometimes you just wanna say “f*ck it.” Now, “f*ck it” is not license to be a raging lunatic, but sometimes you wanna sleep in, or have an extra cookie, or wear mismatched socks. (all things I love, by the way). Just being you and true to you and true to what you do (yes, poet!)

Which reminds me, I need a vacation! I’m glad it’s warming up, because I need to hang up my loafers and cardigans for a bit. I do love, what has been deemed, my “sexy secretary” look, but that’s not all I am. I wear jackets and ties and polka dots and paisley and boots and shorts—sometimes all at once! And the list goes on!

Don’t try to box me in and don’t allow people to box you in! Be unboxable! Now, I’ll never knock protocol. Again, I pride myself on my social etiquette and decorum, but even the First Lady gotta say “f*ck it” sometimes. And this doesn’t show a lack of grace, it shows the presence of humanity. How much would one rather be around a human being with personality and flair and joie de vivre more than some stuffy, stoic robot? I mean, don’t we look for the times when the prim and proper come undone? Isn’t that the American way? It’s news when the sweetheart is caught with no panties on or the boy next door is stumbling drunk from a party. It’s the scandals that intrigue us. The drugs, the elicit affairs, the tawdry sunglass-shielded faces of the “morning after.”

We idolize the “f*ck it’s” of the world—rock stars, scandalous socialites, divas and divos. In essence, we all wanna be a “f*ck it.” Time and time again we see politicians and religious leaders and esteemed persons get caught up in a “f*ck it” moment and the masses want to clutch their pearls and shield their eyes and fan in disdain—until it’s you.

Again, this is not license to be unaccountable, but an appeal to be unboxable!


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